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As general agent, we empower our benefit broker partners to offer next-gen solutions their competitors can’t match.

About BCI

At Benefit Consulting Insurance Agency, we selectively partner with insurance vendors to empower our brokers with best-in-class solutions and services—supplemental products that demonstrate value by marrying the efficiencies of technology with the benefits employers and their employees love.

Ryan Nuckols

Ryan Nuckols


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Director of Account Management & Operations

Raúl Pérez
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Solutions for Employers

We deliver the benefits and technology solutions every employer needs, no matter the size, so employees can make the most of their benefits and thrive.

Supplemental Benefits

We bring the power of technology to our benefit broker partners, so they can offer solutions that others simply cannot.

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Broker Services

Our brokers deserve the resources and solutions that matter to them, nothing more and nothing less. So we carefully select our partners to give the best value.

Paid Family Leave

Know about the States with state-mandated paid family leave (PFL) programs. We’ll keep you up to date with their policies and the amount you must cover for paid leave benefits and additional ones.

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