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Police & Fire, Municipal and Union Labor Deserve Better Than "Traditional"

Solutions are seldom one size fits all. But, particularly when it comes to labor unions, traditional benefits packages are generic, often providing expensive benefits that union members don’t want and neglecting other benefits that would increase quality of life, including employment satisfaction.

Union members are a microcosm of the larger, diverse US population – representing all individuals at different stages in life, across cultures, races, ages, education, and industry. So for benefit programs to be effective, they must respond to diverse life stages and health concerns.

Ancillary Benefit Innovation and Customization for Unions

BCI recognizes no two unions are the same. Working alongside the union delegates and broker/consultant, we customize a benefit package to meet the unique needs of the union’s membership and their families.

BCI leverages its broad distribution, scale and expansion into additional markets to secure best-in-class benefits at the lowest cost for union members and their families.

The BCI Advantage


With over 20 years of ancillary benefit experience, BCI works in partnership with brokers and consultants to build benefit programs that meet the needs of union members and their families.


With access to over 17 best-in-class insurance carriers, brokers and consultants are empowered to provide benefits at the lowest cost for their union clients. Members can receive inovative benefits traditionally available only to large private enterprises.


Benefit bundles are thoughtfully constructed for each union, encompassing all stages of life, from working years and family building to retirement years and asset preservation.

BCI Works with Unions

We provide innovative benefit programs and wellness solutions for union members and their families throughout their lifetimes.

FROM Working Years / Income Protection:

  • Medical
  • Pharmacy/PBM
  • Life
  • Disability
  • Dental
  • Worksite
  • Behavioral Health
  • Wellness Solutions

TO Retirement Years / Asset Preservation:

  • Medicare/Medicaid
  • Pharmacy/PBM
  • Long Term Care
  • 401k
  • Annuities

BCI Benefit Bundles

THE ESSENTIALS: All Benefit Bundles include the following foundational benefits:

  • Term Life Insurance
    $50,000 for Actives / $5,000 for Retirees, Guaranteed Issue
  • Short-Term Disability (26 weeks)
    60% to $500 per week for Actives
  • Long-Term Disability
    60% to $10,000 per month for Actives

Ready, Set, Grow

The Essentials + Fertility Solution

Our fertility benefit powered by Progyny brings together the most cutting-edge science and the largest high-quality network of fertility specialists in the nation.

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Pump It Up

The Essentials + Fitness

Gympass is an all-in-one subscription bringing you the largest selection of gyms, studios, and apps. Choose from the best fitness brands and utilize the all-in-one digital platform with premium access to 1:1 therapy, wellness coaches, nutritionists, and more.

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Pearly Whites &
Seeing Is Being

The Essentials +

Dental & Vision Solution 

(for Actives and Retirees)

Choose between Bento, the only self-insured dental solution endorsed by the American Dental Association, or our fully insured Delta Dental solution.


CPS Optical Vision/Eye Med Solution for Actives and Retirees.

Lock It Up

The Essentials + Identity, Privacy and Credit Security

Sontiq provides top-rated identity theft protection for individuals and families. Lock in the protection you need to secure your identity and safeguard against cyber security threats like phishing, ransomware, hacking, and data leakage.

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Union Fund Spend Allocation Example

Active Members
Total Fund Spend for Benefits
Annual Cost Per Active Member

Learning and Development Benefit Bundle


  • $50,000 in term life insurance, guaranteed issue
  • 60% to $500 per week in short term disability coverage
  • 60% to $10,000 per month in long term disability coverage
  • Virtual college and career counselor benefit (including all family members)


  • $5,000 in term life insurance, guaranteed issue
  • Virtual college and career counselor benefit (including all family members)

Note: BCI Benefit Bundles are available to established labor union funds that meet certain criteria.