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At the BCI Benefits Store, employers can find innovative benefits to add to their total rewards programs – at a reduced fee or at no additional cost.

Redeem your BCI Benefit Dollars and shop for innovative benefits employees will love!

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an example

ABC Company is an employer with two thousand employees.
Their total insurance premiums are:

Stop Loss Premium: $2 Million
Dental/Vision Premium: $1 Million
Life/Disability Premium: $1 Million
Total BCI Benefit Premium: $4 Million

They would receive BCI Benefit Dollars equivalent to $80 thousand (2% of total BCI Benefit Premium), which they can apply to the premium of the ancillary benefits they select from the BCI Benefits Store.

Step 1
Identify your non-medical premium

Non-medical coverages include stop loss, dental, vision, life, disability, and worksite/voluntary benefits.

Step 2
Plug in the premium amount

The number that shows up in the green field is the amount of BCI ­­­Benefit Dollars you have to shop for innovative benefits on the BCI Benefits Store.

Step 3
Shop for benefits and solutions

We’ll go over your shopping list and pull together a package customized to your business objectives and human capital needs. Contact us for an exploratory conversation.

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A smarter benefits solution to fertility and family building. Our fertility benefit brings together the most cutting-edge science and the largest high-quality network of fertility specialists in the nation.

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Gympass is an all-in-one subscription bringing you the largest selection of gyms, studios, and apps. Choose from the best fitness brands and utilize the all-in-one digital platform with premium access to 1:1 therapy, wellness coaches, nutritionists, and more.

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A self-insured solution from the only company endorsed by the American Dental Association. Revolutionary technology eliminates the confusion of denials, hassles of balance billing, and waiting for authorizations. An award-winning app gives members full access to their benefits, dentists and more.

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Select from a full suite of consumer spending account solutions. From an innovative HSA account where employees can receive an Advance line of credit to health and dependent FSAs and commuter benefits, these benefits make healthcare more accessible and affordable.

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Pharmacy Benefit Management

Our benefit consulting division, Benefit Consulting Rx, is made up of experts whose sole function is to place self-funded employers with the pharmacy solutions that fit their needs. We negotiate with multiple PBMs — from the giants to mid-sized and smaller companies — to provide a clear picture of the solutions available to employers.

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Access one of the largest networks of telemedicine physicians in the nation and benefit from getting diagnosed and receiving recommended treatments from the comfort of your home. Employees can receive unlimited, convenient, confidential 30-minute behavioral health counseling at no cost.

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Healthcare Management

This personal healthcare system generates real-time patient-specific reports focused on Adverse Drug Reactions (ADRs), Drug to Gene, Drug to Illness, Drug to Known Allergy, Drug to Food, and Drug to Lifestyle issues.

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Wellness Perks

Provide Fortune 500 level perks and essential benefits to your employees, including fully ACA-compliant health insurance, discounts from Amazon, Best Buy, and CVS, as well as access to thousands of yoga, fitness, and mindfulness videos.

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Benefits Education

A benefit that educates and empowers employees to understand the value of their employee benefits and make informed decisions to protect themselves and their loved ones.

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In a world where employees are savvy tech consumers and expect customer-centric experiences, offering modern, innovative benefits to retain and attract top talent is no longer an option; it’s a basic requirement.

With the BCI Benefits Store, employers can enhance their total rewards programs without increasing their costs. The BCI Benefits Store is comprised of best-in-class benefits specifically curated to meet the needs of a modern workforce and help companies stay competitive.

With this tool, you can get an idea of what additional benefits you’ll be able to purchase, subsidized by the BCI Benefit Dollars. If your broker is still not one of our partners, please ask them to contact us.

Use this tool to calculate, in real-time, how many BCI Benefit Dollars are being allocated back to your clients.

Yes. Since we are general agents, not brokers, there’s no downside in having BCI develop a relationship directly with clients. In fact, this will just make the conversation between the broker and their clients more efficient, because the clients will be more informed about the additional benefits they can access.

No. While this is an employer interfacing website, the store is not direct-to-consumer. If an employer, CEO, CFO, or senior HR director is interested in our products, they should contact their brokers and point them to the store.

No, they won’t. At least not in full. At BCI, we have general agency contracts with over 15 agency insurance carriers, and we redeploy a portion of our commission back to the client in the form of BCI Benefit Dollars that they can use to purchase additional benefits in the BCI Benefits Store.

Yes, but you will quickly realize that if you purchase these benefits retail, you will get a much higher price than what BCI has negotiated.

Yes. You can get these products at the negotiated rates through the BCI Benefits Store. Contact us, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Employers today are struggling with retention and looking for ways to enhance their current benefit package, as a means to retain and attract key employees. By implementing the BCI model and working with the client up front, they are able to select the right benefits for their clients at no additional cost to the broker or client. By offering BCI’s marketplace solution they are able to gain a competitive advantage by bundling innovative benefits that employers can purchase at no additional cost to the employees.

At BCI, we aren’t the usual general agent. We are a dedicated group of forward-thinking marketplace experts with over 20 years of experience in ancillary benefits. And we recognize the crucial roles innovation and technology play for a happy and healthy workforce.

So while other agents might settle for the dusty benefits from our grandparents, we’re the ones that raise the bar with award-winning benefits a modern workforce wants and needs.

Have more questions, or just want to learn more about Benefit Consulting Insurance?

We’re here for you.

Virtual College Counselor

College counseling services designed to assist employees and their families navigate the complex college application process. 

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Full suite of consumer spending account solutions. HSA, FSA, and more. Unique access to advance line of credit – making healthcare more accessible and affordable. Access to web portal and mobile experience for information, tools, and resources.

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Get diagnoses and treatment recommendations in the comfort of your own home, from one of the largest networks of telemedicine physicians in the nation. Unlimited, convenient, confidential 30-minute behavioral health counseling at no cost.

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